How do I find the mileage on a Canon camera?

By purchasing new photographic equipment I want it to be really new and of high quality. When purchasing used photographic equipment it is important to know the expiration date of use by the owner and the best assessment of the internal mechanisms and details. A complete diagnosis can only be performed by a licensed repair center. For a quick preliminary evaluation of the camera’s execution, you can perform it yourself.

What is it for?

The mileage of the camera can be compared to the mileage of the car. This is an important technical condition on which the further operation of the device depends. The price also depends on this. All cameras are equipped with shutters. These are mechanical curtains, which correspond to the camera sensor and regulate the light equipment causing exposition. Shutters, like any other mechanical device, are subject to wear. The specific mileage depends on the camera model and the shutter installed.

  • The simplest model is 15,000 frames.
  • Professional Models-150-300,000 frames.

These numbers represent the normal calculated mileage of the equipment. However, this does not mean that exceeding these parameters will stop work on the last frame in which a bolt was produced. The numbers indicate reliability resources placed in the cell by the manufacturer. The execution of the shutter affects the quality of the picture. If you shoot in short excerpts or in operating mode, the flash in the photo may appear as a black strip. The shutter is also responsible for the quality of the exposition. The feed is exhausted at the time of video recording. However, this parameter is not displayed during diagnosis. At the time of recording, the video recording is in an open position, but at the moment there are internal mechanisms to control the device, battery, matrix and key wear.

It is important to find out the mileage of the Canon camera, both when purchasing a device already in use and when selecting a new device in the store. In fact, restored equipment can also be sold under the guise of new devices. Properly, cameras may last up to 10 years. Since their life is counted by frequency of use, not time, there are details that can fail faster. But they are subject to replacement, it is such elements that are the shutter.

How to determine execution

Special programs can be used to determine the camera’s mileage. It is worth noting, however, that not all cameras can find the number of pictures taken. Depending on the model and manufacturer, there are several options on how to find the number of frames the shutter has created. Despite the high technology of inspections done independently at home, it is important to remember the possibility of acceptable errors in service.

They will not be distorted much from checks done at optical centers, but the differences can be noticeable. Let’s mention a universal program suitable for most brands.

  • Camera Shutter Count – The program determines the condition of the shutter curtain and its running distance online. This service supports the newer series of Nikon and Pentax cameras, as well as some Canon and Sony cameras. There are no cables and wires to connect the camera to the computer. Interaction with the program is simple. Images are loaded into the program without processing in JPEG or RAW format and results are displayed instantly.

  • The EOSMSG program is suitable for a wide variety of cameras. A complete list of supported devices is available on the site. Service of the service is done by connecting the camera via cable before starting to use it, and the program must be installed on the computer. An important minus of the service working on Windows 10 sites occurs only in combat availability mode with XP. Otherwise, the program will provide errors.

The service can be used without a cable connection to the computer. However, this method is best used only when there is no code. The use of the new or last frame performed by this camera is used and loaded into the computer. Next, the program must select a photo function, thanks to which the photo will be unloaded into the service. The same window as when working through the cable will further open to retrieve information. There are both licensed inspection programs and narrow focus inspection programs to verify specific manufacturers.

The Canon EOS Digital Info program can be downloaded from the official website. After downloading the program on your computer, you will need to allow access and installation of the program. Next, connect the camera via cable, it is better to use a kit camera. If the camera was not previously connected to a particular computer, the drivers must first be installed automatically. The system will show a chambered drive with a picture.

If the driver was not installed automatically, you will need to do this manually. The program can then be run to work.

As a result of the audit, there is a list of information about the camera that can be displayed

  • Firmware Version.
  • Mileage ;
  • Charge level;
  • Device model number and factory number; information about lens and system date.

The advantage of this program is support for all series of cameras, from the Digital Rebel XSI to the most popular Canon EOS 600D series. The advantage of this service is that there is a complete check of the device and not employing it.

Another program for evaluating execution – Shutter Count Viewer is also free. It can be found on the developer’s Web site. It is available for computers with Windows system support. The installation algorithm is the same as the previous service. After starting the program, data from the EXIF file is read and the number of shutter triggers for a particular camera is displayed. The downside of the application is that the information is only available for a limited number of mirror cameras. A list of models can be found on the site where the software is downloaded. These services can help to find out the technical serviceability of a camera and avoid purchasing a device with a minimal lifespan.


After receiving a Canon photographic device check and report, the information can be analyzed. It is important to remember that the average duration of a shutter depends on the specific brand and model.

  • Smaller models for amateur shooting have resources in the area of 20,000 frames.
  • Medium sized cameras in the higher price categories and “Pseudo-Which” models are designed to operate without replacing the shutter and can produce 30,000 pictures.
  • Mirror cameras are designed to more easily fit an average of 50,000 frames.
  • Medium-level “mirrors” can perform about 70,000 operations.
  • Semi-professional mirror cameras are designed to produce up to 1,000,000 photos.
  • Professional mirror photographic equipment wears out only after 150-200,000 copies of a photograph have been completed.

Shutters can continue to function after established limits are taken, but this is short lived. Any service can be replaced using professional photo or video equipment. However, the average replacement price is very high. When replaced with professional technology, this is logical and profitable. If an inexpensive, basic camera is used, the cost may reach half the cost of a new camera. In such a case, it is more profitable to purchase a new camera.

Viewing the run through internet resources will make it possible to see what condition the equipment is in and how long it will last for you. When buying a used camera, any discrepancy between the seller’s word and the condition of the equipment can reduce costs and avoid unprofitable transactions.

It is important to remember that no service can provide a 100% report report, but can only help you make this assessment based on the general technical condition of the device. The most reliable method of complete and high quality verification is carried out in service centers using professional equipment.

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