Wedding Photographer ⛪️: How to Arrange Orthodox Ceremony Photography

Temples are secret, sacred places. People come there to pray and thank the Lord for all that we have. Some with misfortune, others with happiness. In any case, the church is something intimate, intimate, and secret for many people. Wedding photography is not a place of pity, but a process that can capture the most intimate couple moments.

How should I behave in church?

There are few places where you can talk to God. And there are many who want to. In this regard, there is a simple human need to respect all those next to you in the temple.

When you arrive at church, familiarize yourself with the rules about not disturbing those in attendance. These rules apply to absolutely everyone, at all times.

Many people believe that if they come not only to pray, but also to witness an important event in their lives, such as a wedding or baptism, they can behave however they like. In fact, this is completely unacceptable. The same applies to photographers and videographers who attend these solemn events.

Photography Functions

If a photographer is invited to a wedding, his main task, in addition to taking pictures, is to have to be in the shadows. To do this, absolutely every photographer should dress modestly and be inconspicuous.

For temples, it is even more difficult. Before visiting a cathedral for a wedding, professionals should familiarize themselves with the rules imposed by the orthodox religion.

  1. He must arrive just before the solemnization and approach the priest. Be sure to ask his permission to photograph the entire procession. Of course, the bride and groom will discuss this moment in a private meeting with the clergy. Nevertheless, the rules require that the photographer himself personally approach the person performing the ritual and ask for permission. Check with the priest on any important points concerning flashes or other equipment he wishes to use.
  2. If the photographer works full time and frequently visits the church for professional purposes, it is best to ask the bishop for written permission. With this paper, you can go to the local cathedral and take pictures. Of course, being thick-skinned, this question is not worth it. It should be as unobtrusive and discreet as possible. However, if a dispute arises, you can always indicate written permission to the priest .
  3. The professional is the same person as any other parishioner. And this means that he must always comply with all established rules. In fact, there is nothing complicated about this. It is worth dressing appropriately and arriving 10-15 minutes before the wedding begins. Never leave the hall until the Sacrament is finished. Even if your work is completely done, you must wait until the ceremony is over and leave the hall with everyone else.
  4. One of the most urgent requirements states that the specialist must and does not take pictures as much as possible to move around the hall. Very often photographers complain about this instruction and do not want to observe it. A personal consenting priest may allow you to move around the hall, but this should be done neatly, quietly, and little. If you move from your place a few times, there is nothing wrong with that; it is just a matter of time. If you change a few places in 10 minutes you may be asked to leave the hall in a softer fashion.
  5. Remember an important rule. The wedding photographer turns into a journalist and a photographer. Under no circumstances is he allowed to ask people to stand up and pose smoothly. Reporters should work quietly, not whispering, and take only random pictures. If you pay attention, in many pictures from the church, neither the bride in the flower groom nor the guests will see the frame. This is due to the good work of the photographer. Before the immediate work, warn the bride to the bridegroom about it. If they want to take pictures where everyone sees the frame, this can be done after the ceremony at the church exit.
  6. When the minister reads the gospel, the photographer should stop his work, stop for a few minutes, bow his head and listen to the prayer. The sound of the shutter and excessive noise is unacceptable at this time.

This is interesting, because it is not only the noise of the shutter that is unacceptable at this time. What lenses do I need to photograph a wedding and which optics should I choose?

The reporter during the wedding should dress as modestly and discreetly as possible. He has at his disposal a skirt, either on the floor or trousers, depending on what belongs on the floor. Women must also cover their heads. The use of bright makeup and excessive amounts of jewelry is forbidden.

The priest gives good to do photography in almost all cases. Still, during the sacrament itself, they can bear the excessive movement around the hall and the noise emanating from you.

Therefore, it is definitely to approach the priest after the sacrament and report that you are very grateful for everything. It is helpful to pray for their loved ones and those already deceased before the sacrament and after placing the candles.

Ideas for photographers

Weddings are one of the ceremonies loved by photographers.

Love can be understood in several indicators:.

  1. Natural light – In all cathedrals, bright light coming from windows spreads. In the past, temples were built that way to allow as much daylight as possible. This allows photographers to avoid the use of flash. And even without it, rich pictures can be obtained regardless of the season.
  2. Location – There is no need to invent ways to hide imperfections on the walls of a registry office restaurant or a tattered staircase. In the temple, everything is as bright, beautiful and cheerful as possible. The decoration of the cathedral itself can be considered separately, in general and by actual works of art.
  3. Atmosphere – cannot be compared with the mystery and charm that is in every temple. Rituals of this kind amaze with their inner strength and energy. And from the pictures it blows away the divine beginnings.

For young people to fall in love with the work of a photographer, they need to stock up on some proven, spectacular photos. You should not involve them in the photographic process, as it is worth booking right away to be banned for the youngsters. Nevertheless, you can come up with some interesting ideas.

This is interesting: wedding video is everything you want to know!

  1. Site Photo Card – Can be done in the temple at the brazier lodge arch. Ask the priest to climb to the top point of the temple. During the ceremony you will take pictures, both of the flower groom and the priest, and of the temple itself with the bride. You will seem to be spying on what is happening above.
  2. Each stage of the wedding is beautiful in itself, so there is no need to invent anything. Take a picture next to the priest reading the prayers. The card will look spectacular during the groom’s engagement along with the bride.
  3. Do not forget the communal photo, it can already leave the church. You should all line up on the temple steps and the general backdrop and take beautiful pictures that will remain for everyone for a long memory.

The Result

Wedding photography is a rather complex and interesting process. An expert in his field should not interfere with anyone, but establish his work to get excellent results in the end. The church is already good in that it is beautiful and sacred.

After the wedding, all people present and the newlyweds have a true emotion that the expert simply must capture.

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